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Trabold industrial filter systems, vehicle and hydraulic oil filters... Welcome!

We offer the Trabold high performance oil filter, as far as we know one of the most effective system in the world market! - For quick information about technical details take a look at the Technical Data Sheet (PDF - 45 kB). Or ORDER NOW if you know the filter already. If not, take a close look at our site, learn about industrial filter systems as well as filter systems for every car and vehicle. If you have any questions, just contact us!   zur Bestellseite

Informations in spanish language (PDF - 190 kB)                     Informacion espanol

On this page you learn who benefits to what extend by using the filter system.

The following pages have details about our motivation, the systems functions and areas of application. We are open for questions and comments, just read our FaQ first, maybe the answer to your question is already there. If you want to cooperate and import, sell or install, please get in touch!

TRABOLD filter in a Toyota-SUV

The greatest benefits and fastest return on investment get...

  • forwarding agencies, building companies, shipowning companies and industrial companies, especially if working under rough conditions. If it's not only about reducing engine or system wear and protecting ressources but, about preventing expensive malfunction and repair, about significantly cutting down the MTTF*, then ROI** comes quickly... :-)


Trabold filter for engine and hydraulic oil purification
*) MTTF = mean time to failure
**) ROI = return on investment
Just calculate the cost if your system grinds to a halt for just one day. For most expensive devices such as trucks, caterpillars and other industrial installations the cost for the filter system is less than one day of prevented standstill! In those circumstances the filter system unfolds its full range of features and cuts down costs.

Brief: When we have great quantities of oil circulating and/or the oil is exposed to critical circumstances and load and/or if the slightest impurity can cause major damage (e.g. in hydraulics) the Trabold filter is definitely what you want to have installed in every machinery.

Industrial filter systems, filter stations for industrial use

Savings and great ROI...

  • Mobile filter stations, stationary filter stations, passive systems, aktive systems with filtration pump, hydraulic filter systems with pressure reduction.

    From mining industry to small production companies - the range of applications for Trabold filter systems is as broad as the diffent types of machinery where it can be used.


Trabold-Filtersysteme in der Industrie
See our presentation of industrial filtration technique competence: industrial applications (PDF)

In most cases the investment for the filter system is small compared to the saving potential. If you are interested in a specific offer, please contact our experts.

Still great benefits get...

  • small and medium carriers, long-distance drivers, owners of ships and ferries, vehicle fleets, users of small and medium hydraulic systems, heatings and power plants.

    Even if you have excellent purchasing conditions for the oil you require, the multiplying effects of reduced oil quantities and reduced time for maintainance will lead to noticable advantages and ROI for the Trabold filter within a very short period of time.


Trabold filter in vehicle fleets
Moreover the reduction of engine wear increases the overall lifetime of your vehicles and installations. If you should be in doubt about what is being written here, just take a look at the numerous filter references world wide! Brief: Everyone who moves a lot or moves around a lot..

Benefits on the long run...

  • are for everyone!

    Even if - driving very little - you don't see a short term monetary advantage; The filter System will pay off in the long run: It is built for long lasting quality and can be removed from your old car and again installed in the new one. How many oil changes it will take to pay off you can calculate klicking on Save!.


Trabold filter in a Porsche 911
But it not only pays off, you also benefit from the overall advantages like engine or system wear reduction. And you contribute to save this valuable raw material oil for future generations, prevent unnecessary pollution. Take part and Order now!.

If you doubt that your contribution of maybe one oil change a year and 5 liters of Oil is worth installing... just think of the millions of cars around and multiply... There is an African proverb saying: "If many small people, in many small places, do many small deeds, they can change the face of the world". We know this is true! Just give it a try... :-) And... you might wanna watch this:

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